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Bed & Breakfast Asti a unique home from home

Beautiful Piedmont

In 2003 we decided to change our lives, leave the UK and live in Asti, do the 'Dream' and spend time doing what we wanted to do.

After being in Asti for 5 successful years in the B&B business, offering unique hospitality, a warm welcome and a friendly home from home enviroment we would like to share some of our way of life with you all!.

Why did we decided to open a bed & breakfast in Asti and escape the 'hussel and bussel' of corporate life?...

"Whether its dogs snuffling around roots of trees to sniff out the world’s richest crop of white truffles, sitting on a designer bar stool in some chic café in Turin, sipping orange cappuccinos in chocolate-lined cups or watching Ferrero rolling out its golden rocher (rocks) in Alba you will soon agree that its cultural portfolio is second to none and the gastronomic creations cooked up in the kitchen are both mouth-watering and memorable.

Welcome to our Bed & Breakfast!
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A stunning Bed & Breakfast

"The land of good food and wine, rolling hills and Vineyards, a tranquil home from home"

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Piedmont (Piemonte) - Asti

Bigger and more diverse then anywhere else on the Italian mainland, Piedmont is known not only as a region rich in cuisine and rich in culture but also the kind of richness that got carried down from the Savoy Rulers and their famous baroque and opulent Savoy Residences. Traditional modern day Piedmontese are gastronomically obsessed, overly blessed by scenery and culturally elite. With its mountains, castles and vineyard covered hills, Piedmont’s magical landscape has always been one of the region’s greatest attractions and now, its magnificently restored grand palaces and noble mansions house 40 outstanding museums. Intriguing and romantic, the old medieval routes, fortresses and castles, great lakes and rolling vine-covered hills are all located close enough for about a one hour drive from Cascina Bella Vista, Asti. 

Cascina Bella Vista, Asti - Bricco Barrano, 19 - 14010 Cantarana, Asti
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